Important things you need to inform your limo service!

When you are opting for a limo service, whether it is for night club transfer or an airport pick up and drop off, there are certain things that you will have to tell the limo service before boarding to acquire a seamless and undisturbed journey experience. Here’s what you need to keep in mind so that you do not leave out anything while informing them:


The type of event you are planning to commute for needs to be conveyed to the limo service provider during the time of reservation. This information not just helps the company in planning your trip in a better and systematic way by as per the requirement of your event type but also at times give you the opportunity of availing schemes, when possible.


Your date on which you wish to avail the limo service must be mentioned clearly. While it is mandatory to add it in the reservation form, you must also inform the team about the same while booking so that no errors or misunderstandings emerge. It is always a good idea to perform this plan and book your ride a few months prior. Since limos are the most desired cars, people who wish to commute through it book it months in advance, not leaving any car free for those who wish to reserve at the last minute. Hence make sure you initiate this process in a timely manner to not face any disappointments later.


A regular limo is capable of accommodating 8 people easily. While this number is grand in itself when compared with other vehicles, just in case your idea is to move around with more people, do not forget to add this detail in your form and also convey the same to the service provider so that the right kind of vehicle can be sent to you. Limos come in various sizes, shapes and types, but what kind will suit you the most depends upon your requirement, giving information of which to the booking team is highly important so that they can hook you up with the correct vehicle, timely.

Your name, address both pick-up as well as drop off with your contact numbers are other essentials you need to provide apart from the above mentioned points. Do you find booking a limo service tough? Get in touch with us at Moonlight Limos to get immediate assistance and easy booking process. Our limos are the finest in the town. Reserve today to come across a grand journey experience. For more details, call or mail.